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Newsletter March, 2022

Dear parents and guardians,
Hereby the 7th Newsletter of this school year with the following topics:
New teacher introduction
Education: National Education Program results
Education: GO! or IPC?
Update on traffic situation around school
Birthdays (a new item in the Newsletter)
Questions or suggestions?

It is customary, especially after a vacation period, to reflect on vacation experiences within the groups. Unfortunately, this time there were major events that many children at home and through the news were already aware of: war has broken out and Russia has invaded Ukraine. Of course, this is terrible news that currently is on the minds of young and old. In groups 4 through 8, attention was paid to this subject during the lessons News comprehension (reading comprehension). In groups 1-2 and 3, attention was paid to the theme 'Peace'.
Music connects and crosses all national borders. Therefore last Wednesday the children, along with many other schools in the Netherlands that participated in this initiative, stood in the school yard at 11.55 am and sang the song "We Staan Hier Samen Sterk“ (Together we are strong), children from the Netherlands sing for children from Ukraine". The time 11:55 a.m. indicates the seriousness of the situation (five minutes before 12 o’ clock). If you would like to contribute to this cause you can do so at https://giro555.nl/.

New teacher introduction
Dear parents/guardians,

I would like to introduce myself to you here. My name is Lisette Wiersma and I have recently started teaching group 4 on Mondays with great pleasure. I will continue to do so until the summer break. I will also teach other classes when a substitute is needed. Looking forward to the rest of the school year!

Education update: National Education Program results
We regularly inform you via the Newsletter about the implementation of the National Education Program (‘Nationaal Programma Onderwijs; NPO) at the Bekema. Here’s an update about the results.
Twice a year the results of the tests of our student tracking system (Cito) are analyzed and discussed with the entire team. We also discuss the trend analysis which shows the results that the different year groups have achieved on a certain test over the years. We evaluate this trend analysis over the past three years at school and group level. We examine whether we have achieved the targets for each subject area at group level and will adjust our teaching accordingly in the coming period.

The results from the most recent Cito tests show:
- Technical reading: the targets have been almost entirely achieved school-wide.
- Spelling: the targets have been almost entirely achieved school-wide.
- Reading comprehension: all targets have been achieved school-wide. Progress has been made in each group.
- Arithmetic and mathematics: the targets have been almost entirely achieved school-wide.

Of course, we strive for progress every day. At a minimum, we want to maintain quality levels. We achieve this, for example, through a refresher workshop on how to approach reading comprehension. This workshop for our teachers was hosted by the reading specialist, one of our teachers whose focus is on reading and who spearheads this knowledge within the team.

Overall, we feel we can be proud of these (test) results! It is great that the central government (‘Rijksoverheid’) is providing the schools with these additional resources to help eliminate any educational backlogs. We can see the positive impact of this extra funding already at the Bekema.

Education update: Go! or IPC?
At the Bekema, the subjects of history, geography and nature & technology are offered in ‘themes’ (clusters). The world outside the school after all is also not divided into separate 'subjects'. Bekema has been working in this way for years. Developments in the field of world orientation are not standing still, there are now several 'flavors'. The team would like to continue to develop as well and is looking for a method that is in line with the current way of working, but which also includes all facets of 21st century skills. Together with the vision development learning team, they selected two options: the GO! and IPC (International Primary Curriculum) methods. Both will be trialed in the coming months. The learning team monitors the process.

On Wednesday afternoon, March 2, the team attended a workshop by an advisor from GO! and the team has started GO!’s Housing and Building module. In a month's time, an IPC advisor will offer a similar workshop.
wonen en bouwen
GO! in short: world orientation, citizenship, science & technology, art & culture are integrated and offered in conjunction. Or: integrated education. The education is structured on learning pathways and learning objectives. Central in this methodology is that the teachers teach children to ask questions instead of giving answers. Reading comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking are also integrated in the themes of GO!

On the evening of December 9th, several parents and members of the learning team discussed a number of statements. This evening has provided us with valuable information which was considered when making a final choice.

More to come on this topic in subsequent newsletters.

Update traffic situation around the school
Last December, in the dark morning rush hour, two separate collisions took place between a cycling child and a car at the crossing of the Astronautenweg. A few months earlier, at the insistence of the Medezeggenschapsraad (MR) of both the Grote Beer and the A.Bekema schools, the organization Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN) already had produced a report on the lack of road safety around the schools. This report, together with continuous questions from the GroenLinks political party to the municipal government, led to meetings with both MRs, VVN and the municipality this past December. There are three improvements that the municipality will submit to the council for approval after the elections:

1. Satellietbaan crossing
There will be a zebra crossing, traffic signs and fixed posts close to the road. The wish to make the speed bumps higher and steeper met with a lot of resistance from the municipality, arguing that the current speed bumps meet the national standards.

 oversteekpunt Satelietbaan

2. Begoniastraat crossing
Begoniastraat will be closed to car traffic just south of the bridge. In addition, there will be a pedestrian crossing on the side of the Dorpsplein. The request to turn it into a zebra crossing has not yet been accepted by the municipality.

 oversteekpunt Begoniastraat

3. Parking spaces
There are now 4 parking spaces (Kiss & Ride) in front of the entrance to the school yard of the A. Bekemaschool and for the bicycle shed of the Grote Beer. Exactly at the place where there is a lot of traffic during rush hour with children on bicycles and on foot. Those spots will disappear, and the spaces will become part of the sidewalk. Parents who bring their children to school by car can park at Begoniastraat or Satellietbaan and walk the last bit.

Birthdays (new item in the Newsletter)


March 1: Annely, gr. 6 (birthday on February 29); Marly, gr. 6
March 4: Andrei, gr.1-2b
March 5: Tom, gr. 1-2a
March 6: Kasper, gr. 3
March 9: Novah, gr. 7
March 11: Silke, gr. 7
March 13: Dean, gr.4; Fayenna, gr. 4
March 16: Viktor, gr. 4; Tung, gr. 5
March 23: Finn, gr. 8; Pelle, gr. 7
March 25: Kymora, gr. 3
March 27: Kjell, gr. 8
March 31: Fiene, gr. 3

Happy birthday to all!

Questions or suggestions?
If you have any questions or suggestions after reading this newsletter, please send a message to p.arends@askoscholen.nl
On behalf of the team, I wish you a very nice weekend!
P.(Paul) Arends