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Newsletter – July 2022
Group 8 Musical
Annual end-of-the-year celebrations
Group formation for 2022-2023 schoolyear
Lost & Found items
Time for summer vacation!

On Friday June 24th, after approximately two years of development, the new vision of the A.Bekemaschool was presented by the vision development learning team.

At the A. Bekema School children learn how to gain insight into themselves, into others and into the world around them. Our school offers a safe environment where the children feel comfortable and where they work with enjoyment and enthusiasm.

We have high expectations in our learning environment. In the school, the students, the teaching team and the parents live, work and learn according to the core values of fun, togetherness, safety, ownership and inspiration.

We strive for optimal physical movement and stimulate creativity.

In a positive atmosphere everyone is given the space to develop optimally. In this way, our students develop into social, committed people who are part of a community and to which they contribute. When the students leave the A. Bekema School, they know where their talents lie and what they need to take the next step in their lives.

Why a new vision?
The team of the A. Bekemaschool wants to guarantee high-quality education. That’s why almost two years ago the question was raised whether the existing vision was sufficient. The conclusion was that the vision, the foundation of all our education, was in need of maintenance, especially towards the future. Thus, the team set to work enthusiastically, and many discussions were held.

This is resulted in our new core values came about: fun, togetherness, ownership, safety and inspiration. They form the basis for all actions within the school: of the team, students, and parents.

Of course, our parents were also invited to actively participate in the creation of this vision.

Group 8 Musical
On Friday evening, July 8, our “school-leavers” performed their final musical for their parents, and very special: in the school! How nice that this was possible again. After weeks of rehearsing, singing, practicing and practicing again, the musical “Herrie op het Eiland” was performed. A 'quiet' tropical island. At least that's what it seemed like at first. But appearances can be deceiving: Gangster Johnny Penoze thought he could hide here. But when a cruise ship with all kinds of colorful passengers docked, all sorts of things happened, including beautiful singing: “We're going for it, together we are always strong, you and me, we can't be beat!” Goosebumps!
There was a really beautiful decor, palm trees that looked awfully real, appropriate clothing (captain, doctor, DJ, coconuts in hair dos, a waiter, a diver, etc. etc.), really beautiful lighting, an impressive spider, excellent sound mixing and if you listened carefully, you could even hear the waves washing up in the surf.

In short, it was quite an event. You all did a great job: Laura, Senna, Korneel, Jayden, Lina, Joris, Sarah, Clemens, Kiara, Masha, Gijs, Jaylani, Roemer, Marcus, Finn, Irvan, Isabel, Maed, Terence, Diamando, Kjell, Andy, Nyshaira, Jayden, and Lisa!! Now go enjoy your well-deserved holidays and then we wish you a very nice start at your new school, where you are no longer the oldest, but a 'brugpieper'. And, of course, we like to know how you are faring, even from a distance!

Finally, a word of thanks to the theater team: Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Rob, Ms. Clemeyns, Marije van Dalen, Alexander Hautvast, Mr. Carl, Mr. Pim, Ms. Isa and last but definitely not least, Ms. Karin! Without them this great theater evening would not have been possible: applause!!

Annual end-of-the-year celebrations
Last Wednesday the children enjoyed the annual closing party. What an event it was again thanks to the organization! Team members and parents from the Oudercomissie have once again provided a super program. As usual, on this morning group 8 said goodbye to the other students of the school and the teachers on this day. We will miss you!

Group formation for the 2022-2023 schoolyear
Group 1-2a: Ms. Isa (Monday) and Ms. Martha (Tuesday to Friday)
Group 1-2b: Ms. Roxanne (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Ms. Isa (Thursday and Friday)
Group 3: Ms. Juliette (Monday to Friday)
Group 4: Ms. Floor (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) and Ms. Laura (Tuesday)
Group 5: Ms. Karen (Tuesday to Friday) and Mr. Leiv (Monday)
Group 6: Mr. Remo (Monday to Friday)
Group 7: Ms. Esther (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) and Ms. Laura (Wednesday)
Group 8: Ms. Karin (Monday to Friday)

Vacation periods and study days 2022-2023
For on the door of the refrigerator or on the bulletin board: the complete overview of vacation periods and study days for the 2022-2023 school year.

Vacation periods:
Autumn break: Oct 15-23, 2022
Christmas break: Dec 24, 2022- Jan 8, 2023
Spring break: Feb 25- March 5, 2023
Easter weekend: April 7-10, 2023
May break: April 22- May 7, 2023 (includes King’s Day holiday)
Ascension holiday: May 18-19, 2023
Pentecost holiday: May 29, 2023
Summer break: July 22- Sep 3, 2023

Study days (school closed):
Friday September 16, 2022
Monday October 24, 2022
Friday December 9, 2022
Friday February 24, 2023
Friday March 31, 2023
Monday June 26, 2023

Also note: the start-of-the-year information evening will be on Tuesday, September 13th. More details to follow.

Lost and found items
During the 1st week of the new school year (starting on Monday, August 29th) the box with found objects will be put out. After this week, the remaining clothes, shoes, etc. are cleaned up.

Time for summer vacation!
The school year started with beautiful weather and ends with the same weather: the sun is shining and while I am writing this, the children are enjoying the closing party at a lovely temperature. The school year has gone unbelievably fast. At the start of the school year, all parents still had to stand by the gate… but luckily that is different now and our parents can 'normally' go back to school. We keep our fingers crossed this may remain the case.

Many thanks to all those parents who care for our school and who have rolled up their sleeves during the past school year: the “luizenouders” (parents who took care of any lice), the storytelling parents, the members of the Medezeggenschapsraad, the parents of the Oudercommissie (Parents' Committee), the parents with critical questions, the parents with a compliment, the parents who came to discuss their child’s report card, the parents with a kind word, the parent who translated the Newsletter into English, in short all those parents who worked together with the team to create pleasant school days for all children.

For now, we wish all children, parents, and team members a happy summer holiday. We hope to see you again on Monday, August 29th! See you at the A. Bekemaschool!

With sunny regards,
On behalf of the team of the A. Bekemaschool,
Paul Arends