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Newsletter A. Bekemaschool – February 2022

Dear parents/caregivers,
In this newsletter you will find information about the following topics:

Just a typical day at our school
A message from Ms. Clemeyns regarding the Flex groups
Reminder about parents’ contributions (‘ouderbijdrage’)
Questions or suggestions?

Just a typical day at our school
As you undoubtedly are aware, corona is still here. Unfortunately. Since you cannot enter the school right now you may wonder what an average school day looks like now. Hereby an impression of a typical day at the A. Bekemaschool.

In the morning, the team members trickle in one by one, most of them well before eight o'clock, because everyone wants to be ready for the eight o'clock team meeting…which also takes place from behind yet another a screen. But this does not dampen our spirits, the mutual atmosphere is great! Of course, there are also challenging moments, for example when yet a colleague is out sick. Currently a staggering 25% of all teachers are at home due to corona. We too have to deal with this. For example, groups 4, 5, 6 and 7 all had to stay home for a week because of corona and no substitute teacher could be found. But luckily all groups are back at it with their regular teachers!

There is a pleasant atmosphere in the school both among the teachers and among the pupils themselves. Small issues are usually solved on the spot. There is hard work, collaboration, teaching and assistance on the learning plazas and in the base camps.

After school the ‘vision development’ team has a meeting with an advisor regarding a thematic working method the school is considering: GO! The team will soon start a trial period with this method. Later another method will be put to the test: IPC. The team is enthusiastic, enjoys working on this, because… every day an improvement. There is laughter, critical questions are being asked, and steps are taken. For a while we can focus on what needs to be done rather than corona being the focus. Because together we want to make the Bekema an even better school. For the pupils, the team and the parents.

Terra's teachers (groups 1-3) discuss a new pupil monitoring system for the youngest kids: Insightful (‘Inzichtelijk’). They are excited about this improvement which helps them offer individual support to pupils. Only recently they discussed the LOGO 3000 method, a method with which the vocabulary of the pupils (particularly pupils with a foreign language background) can be increased. The implementation of these two things is possible due to the extra government funding that the school receives through the National Education Program initiative (Nationaal Programma Onderwijs, NPO), which is amazing!

The ‘intern begeleider’ (student coach), Ms. Clemeyns, prepares the flex lessons for the next day: this time not in small groups but the entire groups 5, 6, 7 and 8. They get to work with Escher tessellations and optical illusions, such a great opportunity! This initiative is also funded by the NPO budget. It's great that it's possible and that way all students get their turn. In this way, we are always looking for possibilities. Incidentally, the students in groups 1-2 who need it also receive extra support in the field of enrichment, math or language from Ms. Roxanne and Ms. Isa (again, made possible due to NPO).

Mr. Pim prepares his lessons to help certain pupils in small groups with extra support in technical reading, reading comprehension and math. And indeed, this is also funded with NPO money.

The teachers end the day by making sure they are prepared for tomorrow.

We sincerely hope that you will soon be able to see, hear and feel the atmosphere at the Bekema with your own senses!

A message from Ms. Clemeyns regarding the Flex groups:
‘In November I started in groups 5, 6, 7 and 8 with the so called Flex groups, which is a form of enrichment education. To allow as many children as possible to benefit from this, we have chosen this name - flexible in composition and flexible in practicing skills. So far topics have been Escher, perspective drawing and creative tessellations. The skill we've practiced alongside creative thinking and precision work, was perseverance – to keep going even when the going gets tough. The children are very enthusiastic!
With kind regards,
Clemeyns van Foreest
Intern begeleider (student coach)

Reminder about parents’ contributions
It may have escaped your attention but in December a request was made regarding the voluntary parents’ contributions. These funds are, for example, used to organize holiday celebrations, the annual sports day and field trips. Hereby the friendly request to contribute by March 1, 2022. Please note that this contribution is not mandatory. All children are allowed to partake in the events, whether the parents’ contribution has been paid or not.
You can transfer the amount of €55.00 (per child) to account number: NL81INGB0004719067, in the name of Oudercommissie A. Bekemaschool. Please include: “Ouderbijdrage”, name of child(ren) and group(s).
If you are not sure whether you have already paid the contribution, please double check your own account to see if this has already been paid. You cannot pay by cash.

Questions or suggestions?
If you have any questions or suggestions after reading this newsletter, please send a message to p.arends@askoscholen.nl.
Now it’s time to relax! On behalf of the team, I wish you a lovely vacation week!
P.(Paul) Arends