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Newsletter April 2022

Dear parents and guardians,
Hereby the 8th Newsletter of this school year with the following topics:
Group 8 camp
Final test group 8
Pre-advice secondary education students group 7
Easter: celebrating together
Parents in the school
Questions or suggestions?

Group 8 camp
This past week the pupils from group 8 enjoyed their ‘end-of-elementary-school’ school camp! On Monday morning April 11th they, under the guidance of teachers Karin, Mitchell and Juliette, traveled to their lodgings for the week: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slot_Assumburg.
A word of thanks to all the parents who helped to make these days a success: with transportation, 'behind the scenes' organizing etc.
Of course, the other teachers also participated. During the so-called 'casino night' on Wednesday evening, they led all kinds of games and they joined for dinner.

Final test group 8
On Wednesday, April 20th and Thursday, April 21st the students of group 8 will take the Central Final Test. We use the CITO Final Test. An important (and exciting) moment for the students and their parents of group 8. We are confident in a good outcome!
You can find out more about the process regarding the advice for secondary education in the PO VO Protocol on the school website (document in Dutch only) or contact Paul Arends.

Pre-advice secondary education students group 7
The parents/guardians of group 7 pupils will soon receive the ‘pre-advice for secondary education’. How does this process work?

Primary schools have a duty to provide well-substantiated primary school advice. Because the primary school advice is leading and binding, it is important that a good assessment is made. The principal, the internal counselor and the teachers of groups 5, 6, 7 (pre-advice) and group 8 (definitive school advice) are all involved in the advisement process at the A. Bekema School.

The points that are taken into consideration are:
• Test data points from the last three years (pre-advice gr. 5,6,7, final advice gr. 6,7,8) of at least the subjects math, spelling, technical reading and reading comprehension;
• Attention and concentration, task orientation, motivation, work care, interests, creativity, perseverance, analytical thinking ability, problem solving ability, collaboration, self-confidence/fear of failure, independence, dealing with criticism;
• Interaction with peers and teachers, dealing with authority, setting boundaries, resilience, withdrawn behavior, social skills and participation;
• Health related factors, distinct issues in motor, visual, auditory, language and speech development;
• Family situation, educational support behavior, educational partnership (parents/caregivers).
For more information, please read the PO VO Overstap Protocol on our website (in Dutch only) or contact Paul Arends.

Easter: celebrating together
Very nice that we can celebrate Easter together again! The theme this year is "Celebrating Together".

The Easter story is central to the feast of Easter. In each group the backgrounds of the Easter story were discussed. What do we celebrate at Easter? What is Easter?

Easter was celebrated on Wednesday, April 13th. The day opening was in our own class, then we came together and listened to the Easter story and sang the song 'The stone is gone'.

After the singing, the children enjoyed an Easter breakfast together in their own base camp. At the end of the morning the children were allowed to look for Easter eggs.

A word of thanks to the Parents' Committee and the teachers of the Easter committee. We appreciate all the work that has gone into making this Easter celebration possible!

Parents in the school
We are very happy that many parents use the opportunity come into the school again. It is nice for children to see that their parents are showing an interest in their school.

As a reminder:
-The parents of the children of groups 1-2 can come along every Monday and Friday until about 8.45 am. They are invited to play a board game in the base camp or on the ‘leerplein’ (on Mondays) and read a book together (on Fridays).
-The parents of groups 3 and 4 can also come in every Friday, until approx. 8.45 am.
-The parents of groups 5 to 8 can join every Friday until the May holiday, until approx. 8.45 am.
We would like to ask you to stay outside the gate on the days when you cannot go in with your child and only walk in in urgent cases. Please report to the administration or the concierge first.

Birthdays in April
Date, name and group:
2 Elizabeth 1/2b
2 May 1/2a
5 Kasper 4
5 Danny 7
7 Jack 1/2b
10 Terence 8
13 George 3
14 Liz 7
16 George 8
18 Roemer 8
18 Joah 3
19 Cataleya 1/2a
20 Lina 8a
20 Iva 1/2b
23 Masha 8a
25 Keano 5
26 Olivier 6
26 Casper 4
27 Tamara 4
30 Marley 1/2b
Happy birthday to all!


No school on April 14, 15 and 18
You may have already read it on the A. Bekema website: the school will be closed on Thursday 14 April due to a study day for our team: the annual ASKO study day. All ASKO employees visit an ASKO school on this day, where workshops and training courses are given. On Friday April 15th as well as Monday April 18th, school will be closed in observance of respectively Good Friday and Easter Monday. School will resume on Tuesday April 19th.

Questions or suggestions?
If you have any questions or suggestions after reading this newsletter, please send a message to p.arends@askoscholen.nl.

On behalf of the team, I wish you a very nice weekend!
P.(Paul) Arends